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In the valleys of oaxaca, a story has been shared for centuries by the zapotec people ...

Discover Corte Vetusto

Cocijo, god of thunder, scorched an agave field with a lightning bolt, filling the air with a heavenly scent ...

Discover Corte Vetusto

For over 400 years the locals have been trying to recreate this mythical moment.

Discover Corte Vetusto

Corte vetusto mezcal

Meticulously hand-crafted by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, a 4th generation Maestro Mezcalero. The art of mezcal making is in his blood.

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We use only the finest, most mature agave, as they yield the most flavoursome and complex mezcals.

Artisanal production


Our hand-selected Agave are cut into even-sized pieces for optimal cooking

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Our mezcal is made the traditional way, using a conical earthen pit oven (horno) to cook the agave.

Artisanal production


The agave are covered with tarp and soil and left to cook for 3-5 days until perfectly roasted.

Artisanal production


The cooked agave is slowly crushed by a horse-drawn stone tahona.

Artisanal production


The crushed agave fibres (bagaso) are left to ferment naturally in open-topped wooden vats.

Artisanal production


Both the liquid and the fibres are then twice distilled in small batches in wood-fired copper or clay pot stills.

Artisanal production


Our mezcal is distilled to proof, meaning no water is added to reach the desired ABV

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