Mezcal Ensamble II
Mezcal Ensamble II

Mezcal Ensamble II

  • Our Ensambles are limited-releases and therefore change by batch, which is how Mezcal was originally made (please see side of bottle label for specific details)
  • Ensamble II is made with equal parts Espadin (A.angustifolia), Tobala (A.potatorum) & Madrecuishe (A.karwinskii)
  • Joven (un-aged)
  • Cooked in conical earthen oven
  • Milled by a volcanic stone Tahona
  • Natural fermentation
  • First distillation in a 250L copper, second distillation in an ancestral 70L clay pot still
  • Distilled to proof
  • Small batch
  • Awarded Best in Category and Gold Medal at the 2019 American Distilling Institute's Judging of Craft Spirits